Peter Winch and Miss Direction
Congratulations!! It's your child's birthday! We know what a special day it is, some might even say a Magical One. It's their special day where the day is all about them. There's friend, family, cake, Ice Cream and maybe even a Magician! What better way to spend this day, than to escape reality, at least for a little bit, right?

Keep in mind, if you have the right magician, the adults can escape too!

That's where we come in. The Magic of Peter Winch & Miss Direction are proud to announce that we have take some of the effects we have been know for in our Grand Illusion show and put together an hour or Magical Theatrical Entertainment aimed at families in thier own homes. (Tigers and Elephants Not Included).

You have arrived here in search of someone to keep the guests at your son/daughter's birthday event entertained and we are the troup to do just that!

We would love to konw more about your event, so, it you would, please take a moment to fill out the form below and let us know the what's the where's the when's and we will better be able to customize a performance for your very needs.
Mystery of the Silver Rings
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We don't want to foreget the guest of honour and some information about their special day!
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Providing Magic for Birthday Party events throughout Southern California:

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Some of our events include:

  1. Kids Party Magic
  2. Bar Mitzvah's
  3. Summer Parties
  4. End of School Events
  5. Grad Parties