School Shows
Peter Winch & Miss Direction are favorites at school assemblies. Their show has several 'Story Sections' which have messages used to help reinforce those upheld at the school and throughout life! They also have a full evening Grand Illusion Show which they can provide to help the school raise funds for various departments. E-Mail us for more information
Whether for a company event, such as a holiday party, new product release event, or trade show, Peter Winch & Miss Direction have a wide selection of illusions and a creative team to help deliver the right show for you your corporation's needs. We have over 20 years experience in the strolling and grand illusion business and have brought our unique show to many company events throughout Northern California. Be sure to tell us about any special message you wish to incorporate into your show as we have many ways to help you deliver your message to YOUR target audience!
Are you the head of a department, such as Theater, Band or Sports desparately seeking an innovative way to bring funding to the students in this ever shrinking educational system?

Well, Peter Winch & Miss Direction have just the solution!

This is a cost free full evening grand illusion show, which is guaranteed to bring extra funding to your school. With some effort from the students and families, we bring the show, you sell the tickets and that's it!

This option isn't limited just to schools!! It can be applied to Clubs and Non-Profit Organizations also. Click here for more INFORMATION on how to arrange one of these shows today!
Peter Winch & Miss Direction offer the very best of card magic. Whether it's for a small group of people or an auditorium full of spectators, these guys astound with a wide variety of effects and varying sizes of cards. Is that your card inside the fruit? You'll have to watch and see..
Character/Zaney Magic
We are more than your "standard" Magic Show. With over 20 year of theatrical experience, Peter Winch & Miss Direction have created many different characters and woven them into their unique presentations, including Special Seasonal Characters seen on various Holiday Occasions
Unique Story Telling Magic
Peter Winch & Miss Direction's unique act involvs many magical vignettes wich combine their magic with a series of stories and recuring characters, who weave in and out of their performance. They provide their audiences with a magic act that will transport them beyond the magic into a world which they will never forget.
Fun for the Whole Family
If you're looking for a good, clean, and wholesome magic show the whole family can enjoy, look no further. With varying show styles and an extensive experience in many aspects of magic, Peter Winch & Miss Direction can provide a magic show that's perfect for the whole family. We create shows to entertain audiences of all ages, ranging from close up and mentalism to a full evening show filled with grand illusions.
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